Alternative Revenue
With Sweepstakes
Find new donors and new revenue with a Travel Sweepstakes without added staff time.
Raise new revenue with Sweepstakes
  • Most ticket purchasers are not current members.
  • Most Sweepstakes prizes are not contributing to your auction.

Truly new revenue awaits with Sweepstakes. With the vast majority of ticket sales not going to current members or current winning bidders in the auction, the Sweepstakes is reaching those viewers who are consuming but not contributing to your broadcast.

What we do
  • Sweepstakes prizes.
  • Boilerplate rules and terms for license processing.
  • An eCommerce enabled Sweepstakes specific web site for ticket sales and item promotion.
  • Complete reporting on all ticket sales and payment collections.
  • Prize picking software so that you can programmatically pick a random winner for each of your prizes.
  • Scripts, graphics, b-Roll footage, and more for production of station promotions.
  • Social media posts, email content, web site banners and more to promote the Sweepstakes.
What does your station need to do?
  • A random prize permit from your local jurisdictions. ARR provides background research and contacts to complete the permitting process.
  • Use the marketing support pieces provided by ARR to create on-air promotion.
  • Promote, promote, promote.
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