Is your message
How do your viewers, members, volunteers, staff and management view your station? Is it consistent throughout? Get your finger on the Pulse of your station's identity.
Get your finger on the Pulse of your viewer's perception.

What is Pulse? Pulse is a brand analysis tool that let's your survey respondents view a series of over 500 key adjectives that have been determined to carry the greatest understanding of how a person perceives a brand. Words are rated positive vs negative and active vs passive. A true understanding of your brand can be determined by evaluating your Management, Staff, Volunteers, Members, and Non-Members. We provide results by classification and through analysis of the cross section of results can help you determine if your message is being received.

Users pick from 580 positive and negative adjectives.

After ultimately filtering their responses down to their top 10 words that best describe your station, we have a snapshot of that user's true understanding of your message and brand. We compile all of those user interactions and develop a bubble chart for you that helps us to read their perception.

Results are plotted by frequency, positive vs negative and active vs. passive.

Understanding the results

The final step of our process is to compare the results between management, staff, volunteers, members and non-members. This comparison helps us identify if the message is consistent and if not, where it is being lost in translation from management to potential donors. The resulting data can help you tailor your message for greater return on your pledge campaigns and improve your overall standing in your community.

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