Fewer Pledge Days
with IntelliPledge™
From second screen interaction to improved accuracy and efficiency in your pledge operations, you can eliminate pledge days from your calendar.
How can a smarter pledge drive mean fewer pledge days?

Don't limit your pledge drive to phone-in pledges or mail-in cards. Second screen pledge campaigns allow you to drive viewers to their tablet or smart phone during a program to place their pledge without interruptions. The IntelliPledge™ system knows what viewers are watching, and delivers the right content to their device to complete the pledge process.

More efficient pledge means fewer staff required: Integrating the IntelliPledge™ system for operators, as well as your web site, facebook page and mobile site, allows fewer operators to take more pledges. This keeps costs lower, increasing your net profit per campaign.

A unified database improves fulfillment efficiency: With one database, there is no duplication of efforts. A single report can highlight exactly how many of each pledge premium you need so there is no over-ordering or duplication of fulfillment. Sort reports by vendor, or deliver a fulfillment report directly from the IntelliPledge™ system to your fulfillment partner. Your choices, your information, right as you need it at your fingertips.

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