Total Auction Management
Raise More
Work Less
Let Alternative Revenue Resources run your entire auction event for you. No more headaches and late nights with the auction.
What we do

At Alternative Revenue Resources, we take the guess work out of the auction. With more auctions under our belt in our first 2 years than most stations have in their entire history, nobody knows more about running auctions than ARR does. We run your auction from end to end so you just have to focus on what you do best, producing high quality television shows.

Pre-Auction [+] more

  • Prepare solicitation documents.
  • Prepare solicitation mode for auction web site.
  • Install and analyze auction renewal database.

Solicitation [+] more

  • Complete a solicitation mailing where applicable.
  • Complete a solicitation email campaign.
  • Contact national donors.

Pre-Production [+] more

  • Prepare Donor Records for Auction Site.
  • Prepare Script for Preview Show.
  • Compile and/or create graphics for Preview Show.

Production [+] more

  • Monitor all help desk requests.
  • Monitor system email for item related questions.
  • Launch Deal of the Day each morning by 8:00 am local time.

Post Auction [+] more

  • Create invoices for all winning bidders.
  • Process invoices for winning totals.
  • Create Pick Up report for station by 8:00 am local time on the morning after the end of the auction.
What does your station need to do?

There are just a few things that your station can do more easily than we can so we do leave a couple of tasks to the station to handle, but don't worry, these are right in your station's sweet spot.

Pre-Auction [+] more

  • Review and approve sponsorship plan.
  • Review and approve solicitation documents.

Pre-Production [+] more

  • Optionally sell sponsorship for the auction to your underwriters.
  • Provide feedback about potential donors.

Production [+] more

  • Air preview shows / featured item spots during the auction.
  • Take social media posts provided to you by ARR and load them into your various social media accounts.

Post Auction

  • Make large items available for pick up by the winning bidder.
  • Provide ARR with feedback on the auction event so that we can improve our service for you.
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