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The fun all started in 2011 while Chris Mayr was still working for and noticed longterm auctions at PBS stations shutting down. Having worked with PBS stations on auctions over the previous 8 years, he got curious as to the main reason for the sudden departure of such established events. The result was that many stations original auction managers were retiring and they found that the auctions themselves while a community favorite, just weren't profitable enough for the amount of work to conduct them.

Looking for a new challenge, Chris worked with WKNO to test the concept of a fully outsourced auction. Could Chris's knack for finding a more efficient way to do things make the auctions profitable for the station again? With little more than 45 days between decision to test and launch day, a modest 125 item auction was crafted.

Fast forward to today and 30 auctions later, Alternative Revenue Resources is the product of those initial tests and the effort to produce an auction for the ARR team has been reduced by 75% and the stations are finding auction to be a very profitable venture again, but this time without all of the stress and angst the old "Great TV Auction" formats required.

This past year, ARR began expanding past auctions for other alternative revenue opportunities including Sweepstakes and IntelliPledge™. Additionally, Chris is deploying the products of, a sister company that Chris opened in 2011, to deploy Member Feedback and Branding studies for PBS stations.

Since ARR is managing its growth rate by only allowing a few new auction clients per season, it is now launching a cloud based version of the very software that runs all of ARR's auction productions for those stations that want to do it themselves but with all of the efficiencies possible. The software is currently integrated with the online auction software as the vast majority of PBS stations using a 3rd party auction software use Additional auction software vendors can be integrated upon request.

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